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Web Design & Development

We ARE passionate about  Web Development! The process of working with people and for people is what keeps us motivated. We LOVE inspiring our clients to find their vision for their identity on the web. Interpreting a website that will be visually outstanding AND user-friendly is our plan from start to finish. The product we provide you will be a professional user friendly web presence you will be proud to share.


Graphic Design

We LOVE Design! Great visual design that tells your story and engages your audience is our passion. So, if you’re looking for a partner to assist you with print design, logo design, brand identity, and so on, we ARE just that company.


Social Media Management

Connect WITH the world! With all the possible ways the digital age has provided to connect with people, choosing the social platforms that will work best for you takes planning. Whether you want to be in charge of your Social Media Interaction or you want us to do it for you, we will use proven strategies to help you decide.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Visibility IS the goal! A beautifully constructed user-friendly website needs help being found with search engines. We know how to get you noticed visually and strategically. With research and proven strategies, our SEO experts know what determines your site’s search results and will help you reach your targeted audience.

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It all starts with people; the team and you. The most important business investment we make is in the people we work with, our team and you, our client. Our team is committed to bring life to your ideas and concepts, whether its starting from scratch or redesigning a look for you, we aim for excellence in all the details.


Our team is professional, personal and experienced at what we do. Let us work with your knowledge and experience to interpret your business’ purpose, goal and vision. We believe you will like what you gain through the process from beginning to the end result.


Quality and excellence emphasizes every stage of the inception, design, development, and production of your project. Magnified Web is devoted to integrity in business and excellence in the details. Our agency defines the product to be two fold; the client goes through a meaningful process and the end result bears a well defined product that will help your business and your audience.

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